Eating Locally

Clearing papers from piles on my desk, I came upon a wonderful article about eating locally …

The article by Vicki Robin included the following “food rules” (recommendations or guidelines) that she developed for herself and writes about in the article.

  • I will purchase as much as possible direct from the producer.
  • I will savor, say grace, and eat slowly and with others as often as possible in my solo, willful, and busy life.
  • I will cook for others as much as possible. From scratch.
  • I will allow my life as an eater to make me aware of the web of life that supports me, and all of us. I can use a phrase as simple as “food system” to remember.
  • I will inform myself about the regulations, laws, and customs that give us both obesity and starvation. I will vote about it. I will write about it. I will donate.
  • I can nudge the system in the right direction with my choices, and I will support local sustainable agriculture everywhere. I will work towards the ideal “May all be fed.”
  • I will ground myself in the presence of judgment—my judgment of myself and others; others’ judgment of me—and just love the one I’m with. We are all such marvelous day-glo beings, full of color and life.
  • I will enjoy the sensual, delicious act of eating.

In a time when there seems there is so much to worry about, I appreciate and am inspired by articles in YES! Magazine, whose stated goal is to “reframe the biggest problems of our time in terms of their solutions.” Here’s Vicki Robin talking about her “eating local” experience on TEDxSeattle. Enjoy!

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