Food as medicine

Food as Medicine – Nutrition in Health & Healthcare

Thank you Neal D. Barnard, MD, for speaking out to your physician colleagues about the important role of nutrition in health and in healthcare!! Included in the immediate steps Barnard recommends: (1) Nutrition should be a required part of continuing …

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Detoxification for a Healthier Body & Mind

Need a detox? With all the detox advice available today, you may be considering trying one of the many recommended regimens. Before you do, let’s talk about some of the actions you can take to reduce your exposure to toxins …

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Earth-Friendly Eating for Personal & Planetary Health

We are celebrating Earth Day this week and I’ve been thinking a lot about earth-friendly eating. Our food choices really do matter — to our own personal health, to the health of others (see “Tale of a North American Tomato”), …

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