Eggs, Cholesterol, and Heart Health

Eggs are back in the news again, because of the recent publication of a study concluding that egg consumption is associated with a higher risk of heart disease and mortality. I have a number of concerns about this study, including …

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Chocolate Health Benefits – What’s Not to Love!

“‘Tis the season” for festivities and delicious treats — and as you can see from my list of recipes, I am a BIG fan of chocolate … just more focused recently on developing chocolate recipes that are lower in sugar, …

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Individualizing Dietary Guidance—Nutrient-Gene Interactions

Nutrient requirements, drug response, and disease risk are influenced by gene variants (mutations) called SNPs. The term SNP stands for single nucleotide polymorphism. Research on nutrient-gene interactions or nutrigenomics is evolving rapidly. One area of focus relates to SNPs affecting …

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